Group Sessions via Zoom

every session is a one-of-a-kind experience

Group healing sessions via Zoom work similar to an in-person group session, except that instead of being physically in the same room with others, you are in the comfort and privacy of your own home and connected to the others in the group via Zoom.

During the session, to enhance the sound quality of the call, all callers are muted so that the only voice or sounds you will hear during the call are those made by me. There will be periods of time when callers will have the opportunity to ask questions or share with the group. During those times, that particular caller will be unmuted and all of us on the call will be able to hear what is being shared.

As with an in-person circle, I will use drums and rattles to enhance the Reiki energies. I may channel Native American spirits and bring forth messages from your guides and angels in English as I work with the group. Although I won’t be able to physically touch you, participants have at times felt someone’s hands upon them during the sessions.

Once the session is complete, you will receive a recording of the session to save for future use. Each time you use the recording, you have the opportunity to receive additional healing.

“Bonnie’s in person healing circles literally perform miracles on a soul level! The “distance” healing circles done over the phone are no exception! The energy is just as present, the healing is just as real. The physical feelings I experienced were the same as being in the room with her. Actually, I felt like it was even more personal maybe, than when it was in an in-person group session. The messages that came through seemed to speak directly to me and addressed every single aspect and thought I had set the intention of getting the answer to. Just an amazing experience, as always! I can’t wait for the next one. Bonnie’s work is truly life changing and a blessing to any of us that have the opportunity to receive it whether in person with her, or “remotely” being in her presence.”

Mary S., Harrisburg, PA

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Individual Healing Sessions via Zoom

My individual healing sessions via Zoom are a unique blend of Reiki, psychotherapeutic techniques and Divine Guidance. I was told when I learned Reiki that the more we make Reiki a part of our daily lives, the more we will be led down our own unique paths. I have certainly seen this in my own life and Reiki practice.

Bonnie’s individual zoom sessions are very powerful. As someone who had an inperson individual session, I was a bit skeptical that a zoom session could work as well. Boy, was I wrong!!! To be honest, I have never worked with a more powerful energy healer. Any and all sessions with Bonnie always reveal deeper issues that need attention, clearing what doesn’t serve, and a muchneeded soothing of the soul. Truly Amazing! 

Jo C., Pittsburgh, PA