“Unmask and Uncover Your True Self”


The corona virus has made it necessary for us to wear masks to help keep others safe, but many, if not all of us, have been wearing masks of one form or another for years to help protect ourselves.

I wear makeup to ‘mask’ my less than perfect complexion, and choose my clothes to cover up the parts of my body that I see as not fitting the mold of society’s version of perfection. As a child I wore a mask of aloofness to keep others from getting close and minimize the risk they would find out about my alcoholic and abusive family. As a teenager my mask was one of “I don’t care” when others said mean and petty things about my weight or homemade clothes. As a young adult my mask was “It’s their fault.” when someone pointed out my faults, because I didn’t know I had to look within or didn’t have the tools to do so. The list goes on. What masks did you/do you wear?

We don those masks as a means of survival when we have no other tools at our disposal. So similar to what we’re doing now to keep us safe from the virus as we wait for a vaccine so we can resume life as we knew it. We do the best we can with what we have. Eventually (hopefully), we won’t need the masks to protect us from the virus anymore. We’ll have a vaccine, a new and more efficient way to protect ourselves. We’ll shed the masks and move on.

But the internal masks we’ve developed and worn aren’t so easy to take off. They’ve become a part of our everyday way of being. As we heal ourselves, they loosen from time to time, allowing us a fleeting glimpse of that person underneath, that person we long to be. But how to be rid of them for good? How do we finally uncover, once and for all, our true selves?

Join me for this powerful and impactful healing session, as a guided meditation takes you one step closer to unmasking your true self. As the meditation ends and the healing circle begins, allow the energies of Reiki and the vibrations of the drums, rattles and singing bowls to take your healing to all levels of your being that have been impacted by the circumstances that created your need for the masks in the first place. As Spirit speaks your soul language and your guides and angels offer wisdom and direction, you may reach a new level of awareness of the beautiful Divine being that you have always been.

It’s time to unmask. It’s time to be your true self so you can help yourself and the world heal on a deeper level.

Keep a notebook or journal nearby to record your insights. Come prepared to let Spirit work in the way Spirit knows best.

Before you begin the session, you might want to prepare your space so it feels safe and comfortable. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you will not be interrupted during the session so you can have the deepest, most personal experience possible. Have a blanket and some water and perhaps a few tissues nearby.

To Purchase This Recording: Please sit quietly, focus on your heart, and ask Spirit/God/The Universe what you should offer for what you will receive during the session. Once you receive your answer, please fill in your offering amount below, click on Add to Cart and continue through the purchase process. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with the recording of the teleconference. Your purchase confirmation will have the file to download. Please look for it. (Files may not download on some cell phones.) Please save your recording to your own computer to have it for future use.

Important: Enter your email address correctly to insure you receive the recording. If you do not receive it within 30 minutes of purchase, please email Bonnie at Bonnie@bonniehassan.com

Recorded live on June 19, 2020




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