“Storehouse of Universal Wisdom”


What piece of information would you like the Universe to provide for you?  What questions do you want answered?  What do you need to know to help you move through your life in a better way?

Join me for an opportunity to let the Universe provide you with the information you desire as we journey to the Storehouse of Universal Wisdom in a guided meditation followed by a unique group Reiki session.

We’ve heard time and time again that there is a ‘Universal Mind’ that we can all access that allows us to gain information and knowledge that we haven’t learned or been exposed to in our ordinary human lives.  Let the imagery of the meditation and the power of Spirit facilitate your access to that information.  Experience the Reiki energies empowered by the vibrations of drums and rattles as they help you release blockages and open gateways.  Pay attention to the messages from Spirit that may provide the wisdom you need as the healing session takes your vibration to a higher level.  Keep your notebook handy to record what you receive.

Before you begin the session, you might want to prepare your space so it feels safe and comfortable.  Turn off your cell phone and make sure you will not be interrupted during the session so you can have the deepest, most personal experience possible.  Have a blanket and some water and perhaps a few tissues nearby.

To Purchase This Recording:  Please sit quietly, focus on your heart, and ask Spirit/God/The Universe what you should offer for what you will receive during the session.   Once you receive your answer, please fill in your offering amount below, click on Add to Cart and continue through the purchase process.  Once your purchase is complete, you will receive the recording of the teleconference.  Your purchase confirmation will have the file to download.  Please look for it. (Files may not download on some cell phones.) Please save your recording to your own computer to have it for future use.

Recorded live on September 14, 2017


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