What’s What When It Comes to Reiki?

It’s time to clear up the confusion!

What’s what when it comes to Reiki?

Are you confused by all the different types of Reiki that are out in the world today? There’s Usui Reiki, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki®. These are the predominant five we hear about most often. There are actually even more beyond these five! It can make your head swim when you try to figure out what’s what as you consider your own journey with Reiki.

Join me for this free informational session where I’ll do my best to provide some clarity so you can figure out what the next step on your Reiki journey should be. I’ve been practicing and teaching Reiki for 23 years and I’m a Reiki master in four of the five predominant forms of Reiki I mentioned above. This free session gives you an opportunity to finally understand more about the different forms of Reiki and clear up any confusion you may be struggling with. You’ll also have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

This session may be of special interest to those of you who are already Reiki masters and trying to figure out if there’s a next step you can take to add more tools to your Reiki skill set.

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