May 12: Zoom Event “Ignite Your Divine Connection: Accept Spirit’s Invitation!” 6 – 9 PM CT / 7 – 10 PM ET


Do you long for a more personal connection to the Divine? Would you like your spiritual life to become an integral part of your entire life? Would you like a safe space to voice your questions, beliefs and doubts with a group of like-minded others who are also striving for a deeper connection?

If so, join me for this unique offering to help you develop a consistent spiritual practice and ignite your personal connection to Spirit!

Several times during group sessions, Spirit has said in the messages that I channel: “Sit with me in the silence. Give me just five minutes a day for thirty days and see how your life changes.”

Here’s your opportunity to accept Spirit’s invitation with the support and assistance of others who also long for a deeper relationship. There’s a synergy that is created when a group of individuals gather for the same purpose. That synergy fuels each individual’s purpose in a more powerful way than if they undertook the experience alone. This thirty-day journey is an opportunity to find out how your life can change when your spiritual practice takes on a more intentional, focused nature. During the thirty days, we’ll gather once a week for conversation and healing to support your daily efforts as you sit in the silence with Spirit.

Week one begins with us setting the stage for success! You’ll receive a healing attunement to help you release any barriers you might have to a personal connection to Spirit. We’ll follow that with an energy circle to anchor in your intention, and a guided meditation to begin your journey!

Each week thereafter, we’ll begin our time together in conversation. So often I hear when I’m mentoring clients who are intentionally working to develop a deeper spiritual connection: “I wish I had someone to talk to about all of this. Someone who feels like I do. Someone who understands.” This is your opportunity to experience those conversations in a safe, loving, supportive environment.

This is your opportunity to share, to listen, to learn, to ask. Sometimes verbalizing your thoughts can help you sort through them. Sometimes it’s helpful to hear others’ thoughts and questions to help crystalize your own beliefs.

Once our sharing is complete each week, I’ll facilitate a group healing experience as determined by the Divine, to help us release any additional barriers to a deeper connection and to empower a more personal Divine connection.  We’ll co-create with Spirit to receive what each of us needs to further ignite our connection and expand our relationship.

Do you have the courage to accept the invitation? Are you curious to see where Spirit leads you? If so, register now and give Spirit time to prepare an experience that will ignite your Divine connection in ways you could never imagine!

Here are the rest of the important details:

Dates: Wednesday, May 12, is our first group session.

Time for this session only: 6 – 9 PM CT / 7 – 10 PM ET (End time is approx.)

(This first session is a bit longer because of all that you will experience to begin the journey.)

The remainder of the group meetings will be on the following dates:

Wednesday, May 19
Wednesday, May 26
Wednesday, June 2
Thursday, June 10

You’ll receive an audio recording of each of the group sessions. If you can’t make one of the live sessions, you’ll be able to use the recording at a more convenient time. You won’t miss anything!

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM CT / 7:30 – 9:30 PM ET  (End time is approximate depending on length of discussion and energy session.)

The minimum offering to accept this invitation:  $89.89

However, before you register, please sit in the silence, place your focus on your heart, and ask Spirit if your offering should be the amount listed, or if it should be something more. Once you receive your answer, fill in the amount of your offering, click on “Add to Cart” and continue through the registration process. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with files attached  that will provide all the info you need to prepare you for the journey. Please look for them.

IMPORTANT!  Make sure you enter your email address correctly to insure you receive the registration confirmation with the information. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes of registering, please email me immediately at and let me know. Note: Files may not download to some cell phones.

Cancellation Policy: Through May 5, your payment is fully refunded, minus a 5% handling fee. After May 5, you will receive a 50% refund.


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