Healing the Heart Chakra with Crystals

Be empowered to speak your truth and own your power!

When you are healing the heart chakra with crystals, your healing can reach many levels. Join me for the fourth session in this unique series and allow the properties of your chosen crystal help you experience a different type of healing.

The heart chakra is the connector between the spiritual chakras above it and the physical chakras below. When our heart chakras are blocked or closed, we may find it difficult to take the creative ideas that come to us from Spirit and manifest them on the earth plane. This also means that manifesting our dreams and desires can be much more challenging!

As we work to heal the heart chakra, we have a better understanding and ability to love ourselves and others in a way that encourages the spiritual growth of everyone. We love with compassion and acceptance, free of judgement and criticism. An open and healed heart chakra helps us experience Divine love in a deep and enduring way, while giving us the ability to share that unconditional love with all those around us.

Crystals have been used for centuries to act as catalysts to help us become re-united with the ‘universal energies’ that make up our world. These universal energies have the potential to help us heal on all levels. Each crystal has its own special characteristics and vibration. Each works with specific chakras to help manifest the best outcome.

***If you missed the earlier chakra sessions and would like to catch up, you can get the recordings HERE!

What to expect during Healing the Heart Chakra with Crystals:

During a guided meditation you will have the opportunity to use a specific crystal to help heal your heart chakra. You may also receive messages from your crystal that can assist you. You’ll use your intuition/guidance to choose one crystal from a list of crystals that I will provide that are especially beneficial for this chakra. Although each crystal on the list can be beneficial for this chakra, only one crystal is the right one for you at this time on your journey.

You don’t have to buy new crystals for the session. You can use crystals you already have. However, it’s important to be able to consider each of the crystals on the list as a possibility for the one that is best for you. Don’t make your choice from just the crystals you have at hand because it’s convenient. The perfect crystal for you may be the one you don’t already have in your collection. Also, if you feel strongly guided to use a crystal that is not on the list below, FOLLOW YOUR GUIDANCE! There is a reason Spirit is guiding you to that stone rather than one that is on my list. :)

Methods you can use to choose the best crystal:

1. Lay out all the crystals on a flat surface in front of you. (You can do this in the store before you buy them. I have!) Once they’re laid out, close your eyes. When you open your eyes, the first crystal that catches your eye is the crystal you should choose. If you find yourself wanting to choose a different crystal because you prefer its shape, color or size, your ego may be trying to distract you from the ‘best’ crystal. Don’t let your ego be in charge! :)

2. You can use a pendulum to determine which crystal you should choose:
A) Hold the pendulum over each crystal and ask, “Is this the crystal I should use for the best healing for my heart chakra?” When you get a yes, you’ve got the right crystal.

B) You can also write the names of each crystal on a piece of paper. Hold your pendulum over the name of the crystal as you ask the question. Be sure to leave enough space between the names so you can easily determine which crystal your pendulum indicates.

3. If you are a Reiki practioner, you can use Reiki to help you choose your crystal. Lay the crystals out as above. Turn on your Reiki and scan the crystals to determine which one you should use. The best one will be the one whose vibration calls to you the most.

Just do your best as you move through this process. Let it be fun and exciting as you experiment and explore the crystals.

When you register, you will also receive instructions for preparing your crystal for use in the session. (How to clear, bless and charge, and program your crystal for healing.)

Crystal options for each session in the series:

For your convenience, I’m providing a list of all the crystals for each of the chakra sessions. This way you only have to make one trip to the store. There are many crystals that will work for each chakra. I’ve asked for guidance as I chose the list of crystals for these sessions. I was guided to those crystals that you should be able to find easily in your local crystal shop at a reasonable cost. You can also buy them online if you choose to do so.

You may choose raw crystals, or tumbled stones that have been shined and polished. Raw crystals tend to offer more intense healing, while the tumbled stones work more gently. Choose the type that calls to you, not the type your ego likes best! :)

Root Chakra: Bloodstone, Onyx, Moss Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite

Sacral Chakra: Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Carnelian, Moonstone, Orange Calcite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine, Sunstone, Yellow Calcite, Malachite, Amber

Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Unikite Jaspar

Throat Chakra: Turquoise, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Aquamarine

Third Eye: Clear Calcite, Purple Fluorite, Apatite, Celestite, Blue Aventurine

Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Selenite, Quartzite (Snowy  Quartz)

After the session, when you receive the recording, you will also receive a handout explaining some of the special attributes of the crystal you chose. This will help you understand why you were guided to that particular crystal. You will also receive the information for the other crystals on the list to see the comparisons.

After the meditation:

Once the guided meditation is complete, you’ll have time to process in whatever way you determine is best. When guided by Spirit, we’ll move into a group Reiki session that will take the healing you received during the meditation to an even deeper level. During this Reiki session, you will also use the crystal to continue your healing. As the Reiki energies are enhanced by the vibrations of drums, rattles and singing bowls, you may receive additional messages from your crystal, as well as messages from your spiritual helpers and the Creator. The vibrations of the crystal will add to your overall experience in ways you may not expect. As you trust in Spirit’s plan for you, you allow the unexpected to manifest.

Keep a notebook or journal nearby to record your insights. Come prepared to let Spirit work in the way Spirit knows best.

To Prepare for the Session:

Before you begin the session, you might want to prepare your space so it feels safe and comfortable. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you will not be interrupted during the session so you can have the deepest, most personal experience possible. Have a blanket and some water and perhaps a few tissues nearby.

To Purchase the Recording of Healing the Heart Chakra with Crystals:

Please sit quietly, focus on your heart, and ask Spirit/God/The Universe what you should offer for what you will receive during the session. Once you receive your answer, please fill in your offering amount below, click on Add to Cart and continue through the purchase process.

When your purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with your files attached. (Files may not download on some cell phones.) Please save the recordings to your own device to have for future use.

Important: Enter your email address correctly to insure you receive confirmation of your purchase. If you do not receive it within 30 minutes of completing your purchase, please email me at Bonnie@bonniehassan.com

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