Explore the Layers of the Aura: Week 5

The Etheric Template Layer

Join me for the 5th week of my  7-week series to explore the layers of the aura.

The aura is a cocoon of energy that surrounds your physical body. It’s made up of seven separate layers, each one corresponding to a different chakra. The layer closest to the body is called the Etheric level. It’s corresponding chakra is the root chakra. This is were our journey began. The final layer of the aura is the Ketheric Template, or Causal Body. It corresponds with the crown chakra.

The layers are influenced by our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. Each layer has a specific vibration, and the levels furthest from the body have the highest vibrations. The aura, along with your chakras, comprises the energy system that nourishes and maintains your physical body and connects you to Spirit. As you explore the layers of the aura, you’ll come to better understand its importance.

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What to expect From Explore the Layers of the Aura, Week 5

This week we’ll explore the fifth level of the aura, the Etheric Template Layer. This level corresponds to the fifth chakra, our Throat Chakra. The Etheric Template Layer is a mirror of the first layer of the aura, the Etheric Layer, but is of a higher vibration. It is a copy of the physical body in the spiritual realm and is related to several different aspects of the physical body.

During this class you’ll receive information about the Etheric Template Layer and its corresponding chakra. You’ll participate in a guided meditation to help you focus on this specific layer to become more familiar with its vibration. Finally, we’ll conclude the session with a Holy Fire® Reiki session where the Divine vibrations of Spirit can heal and clear any energies stuck in that layer that are incompatible with your highest and greatest good. While healing and clearing out the old, Spirit will re-calibrate each one to a higher vibration to enhance your journey.

You’ll also experience the power of drums and rattles, chimes and singing bowls to enhance the Reiki healing. Messages and guidance may come from your guides and angels. Native American spirits may speak to your soul in a language only your soul understands. You may have a whole-body healing experience unlike any you’ve had before.

Keep a journal or notebook handy to record the messages and guidance you receive.

For the best experience when you use this recording:

Before you begin the session, you might want to prepare your space so it feels safe and comfortable. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you will not be interrupted during the session so you can have the deepest, most personal experience possible. Have a blanket and some water and perhaps a few tissues nearby.

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