August 6: FREE Teleconference “Help Our Country Heal!” 6:30 PM CDT / 7:30 PM EDT


Our country is in turmoil on so many levels. As we move through this challenging time, the silver linings will eventually show themselves. We will find a different, and, hopefully a more positive and enlightened way of moving forward. The mass pain and suffering will come to an end, but the scars will linger for a very long time, especially for those who have lost family, friends and neighbors. Let’s join together and do our part to help in a spiritual way by send healing energies and prayers.

A guided meditation will help us focus our energies on all those in need. The synergy of the group will further empower our individual intentions, and Spirit will work through us as we co-create a powerful opportunity for healing and transformation. Release your expectations of what might occur and simply be present in the moment.

As we focus on sending Reiki, prayers and positive intentions out to others, we also receive them ourselves to take our own healing journeys to a deeper level. Join me on the live call, or set time aside to join us in spirit. Each person makes a difference. Will you join us and play a role in helping our country heal? You are needed!

Keep a notebook or journal handy to record your insights and any guidance you might receive. Tell a friend about the opportunity!

Here are the details:

Date:  Thursday, August 6

Time:  6:30 PM CDT / 7:30 PM EDT  (End time determined by Spirit!)

Cost: FREE

To register, click on “Add to Cart” to continue through the registration process. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with files attached  that will provide all the info you need to join the session via phone or computer. Please look for them.

IMPORTANT!  Make sure you enter your email address correctly to insure you receive the registration confirmation with the information. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes of registering, please email me immediately at and let me know. Note: Files may not download to some cell phones.

Please note: If you register at the last minute for the session, it is possible you may not receive your connection info in time for the session. Please keep this in mind when registering.






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