Look for the Good

“Now is the time to be in integrity; to be honest and forthright in your words, actions and deeds. To understand that even the smallest white lie is a disservice to who you are becoming. Denial and resistance do not serve you. Subterfuge will not help you.

Come only from a place of the greatest love, the highest possible vibration. Love of yourself, love of others. Love of all that is.

Look for the good. Each and every day of your life, look for the good. Look for the little miracles; the big miracles. See the good even in those people that previously you have been unable to see any good in at all. Find the good. And act; act out of kindness each and every day. Be your best self; the greatest self you came here to be. You are not perfect; you will never be perfect, but strive to be your very best. Don’t berate yourself when you fail. Simply take note of your actions and the circumstances and what happened and why. Then decide how you will be different the next time. There is an opportunity for learning in every choice, in every experience. Ask yourself what you learned. Pay attention to the lesson. Listen to the message”

Channeled during a teleconference healing session
Nashville, TN

The Messages & Guidance featured here are similar to the wisdom in my book Straight Talk from God.

Bonnie is an inspiration! Her gifts are tremendous, and more importantly, she uses them to help others. Since meeting her in Pittsburgh nearly 6 years ago, my life has improved dramatically. I am eternally grateful for her, her gifts, and her friendship. When you get the chance to attend a class or a circle, go, go, go!!! You’ll be glad you did!

Deb G., Harrisburg, PA

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