My individual healing sessions are a unique blend of Reiki, psychotherapeutic techniques and Divine Guidance. I was told when I learned Reiki that the more we make Reiki a part of our daily lives, the more we will be led down our own unique paths. I have certainly seen this in my own life and Reiki practice.

We’ll begin your session with a conversation about what’s going on in your life and what you hope to gain from the session. Because I am a psychotherapist, this part of the session often seems like a mini therapy session. I may be guided to refer you to a book to read, or offer you ‘homework’ that will help you with whatever issues you have shared with me. I will also help you define the intention you’d like to set for your session: what is it that you want to receive as a result of our work together?  Once you’ve determined your intention, we’ll begin the session. You may be lying on a Reiki table, or stretched out in a recliner. I’ll give you an opportunity to invite in your guides and angels, family members and friends; anyone you want to support you on your journey and anyone you know who is in need of help or assistance of any kind. These can be people who are still in your life, or people who have already passed over. Then you’ll have an opportunity to state your intention and offer up a prayer of gratitude for whatever you will receive.

During your session, I may use the vibrations of drums and rattles to further empower the Reiki energies as I move around the room. I may be aware of family members and friends who join the session in spirit, and will share with you any information I receive. Not only am I able to connect with those family members and friends who have passed over, but I have also been blessed with the ability to connect energetically with others who are still living. It isn’t at all unusual to have family members who have passed and family members who are still living, all spiritually present in the session together. It’s as if by choosing to come for a session, the person on the Reiki table has opened a gateway for healing that allows everyone related to that person who also wants healing, or who wants to participate in some way, to be present. Clients frequently tell me that when they leave the session and go home, they notice visible differences in those members of their families who were present spiritually in the session.

I may also tone or chant during a session, with the sounds I produce sounding Native American in origin. Some of my clients have recognized the languages that come through me as Cherokee and Lakota, as well as other Native American dialects. Some have also reported I was using languages from some South American cultures. Other clients hear other languages: Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Listen to a sample of channeling that came through during a session.


Although neither my clients nor I fully comprehend the meaning of the messages being channeled, everyone agrees that the intensity of the healing experience seems heightened whenever this occurs. Many people also say that even though they do not have a cognitive understanding of what is being said, the messages strike a deep chord within them and they have a ‘knowingness’ that what was said was just what they needed at that particular moment in time. When I’ve asked for Guidance about these messages, what I’ve heard is that when I am speaking in another language, God is speaking directly to your soul in a language your soul understands but your head doesn’t need to know. Messages also frequently come in English.

Each session is different, and there are sessions where no one but the person on the table is present, because at that moment in time, the client is the person most in need of assistance. Because each session is Divinely guided, and I am merely the channel for God’s energy, I cannot predict what will happen in your session. Some sessions can be perfectly silent as the Reiki energy does its work. Others can be very interactive as family members, friends and other spiritual beings come and go. Sometimes, when needed, a past life experience is uncovered so that healing can take place for whatever unresolved issues need to be addressed. Whatever form the session takes, it’s a very powerful, loving and healing experience.

Each session lasts approximately ninety minutes to two hours. If you wish, I will record the session for you and email you an mp3 file so that you may listen to the session again. The cost for an individual session is $200.
For more information or to schedule an individual session, contact me.