I’m Calling You!

“I’m calling you all, every single one of you, to step up and step out in an even bigger way! You have the ability to do so. You have gifts that are so badly needed. There are so many who could be helped if you just stepped up to the plate; stepped into the fullness of your being. I’m asking you to go above and beyond, but not above and beyond what is possible. Above and beyond where you’re comfortable being. You’ve gotten comfortable, and it’s made you afraid to step up and step out and take a bigger risk. You’re afraid to lose that sense of comfort. You’re afraid you’ll be straining and stretching and risking and trying again. But isn’t that what living is all about? How can you expand if you don’t stretch? How can you grow if you won’t step out? How can you be more if you stifle the urge, the seed that I have planted within you, to grow?

Channeled during a Healing Circle
Glen View, IL

The Messages & Guidance featured here are similar to the wisdom in my book Straight Talk from God.

Bonnie is an inspiration! Her gifts are tremendous, and more importantly, she uses them to help others. Since meeting her in Pittsburgh nearly 6 years ago, my life has improved dramatically. I am eternally grateful for her, her gifts, and her friendship. When you get the chance to attend a class or a circle, go, go, go!!! You’ll be glad you did!

Deb G., Harrisburg, PA

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