I Need You

“I need you. You are the only hands that I have. Without you, I am helpless to change the world. You are My physical emissaries. I have placed you exactly where you are to do the work I need you to do. Except that I cannot make you step up and begin! I can only put you in the place where you are needed. Taking that next step is up to you.

Will you take it? Will you step up and step out? Will you stop being afraid? Or, at least, stop allowing the fear to hold you back? Because if you can do that – if you can walk forward in spite of the fear – you will see that everything you need will present itself, and you will be fine. You will be better than fine. And so will everyone around you because you had the courage to step up and be more. What a role model you will be for all who come into contact with you!”

Channeled during a Healing Circle
Allison Park, PA

The Messages & Guidance featured here are similar to the wisdom in my book Straight Talk from God.

Bonnie is an inspiration! Her gifts are tremendous, and more importantly, she uses them to help others. Since meeting her in Pittsburgh nearly 6 years ago, my life has improved dramatically. I am eternally grateful for her, her gifts, and her friendship. When you get the chance to attend a class or a circle, go, go, go!!! You’ll be glad you did!

Deb G., Harrisburg, PA

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