Most Reiki practitioners work only individually with their clients. As my abilities with Reiki evolved, I began to feel called to work with a group of people simultaneously. The first groups were small; ten to fifteen people. Through the years, the groups have grown, and the largest group I’ve worked with to date numbered over two hundred!

Most often, my in-person group sessions contain between twenty and fifty individuals.  You might be amazed at how much more intense your response to the healing energies of Reiki can be when you combine your energy with the energies of all who participate in this larger group session. There is a synergy that happens when a group gathers that often intensifies the experience of everyone present.

As the circle begins, I will give you an opportunity to invite in your guides and angels, family members and friends: anyone you would like to be present in spirit to help support you on your journey, or anyone you may know who is in need of healing or assistance.  Participants in past circles have reported positive changes in their loved ones after they were invited to join the session spiritually.

 Using the Drum

Using the Drum

As I channel Native American spirits and combine the vocal tones with the vibrations of drums and rattles, you may have a powerful whole body experience. Be open to hands on healing and messages from your angels and guides as the circle progresses. Sometimes there are specific messages for each individual. Sometimes there is a beautiful message for the group as a whole that speaks to something different in each person present. Each circle is unique.

Because energy work can often take you to a deeper state of consciousness, you may not hear or remember everything that happened during the energy circle.  For that reason, I record the circle and make an mp3. file of the recording available for you.  Once the circle is complete, I will upload the file to my website so you can access it for sixty days after the session.  For an “Offering From Your Heart”  you can download the session and save it to your computer for future use.  You might be surprised at everything that happened and how much you didn’t catch the first time!  Plus, listening to the recording while in a state of presence and focus may allow you to receive additional benefits.  Others have said that it’s like being in the live session all over again!




Here’s a short message from Spirit that I channeled during a group healing circle: