October 25: Pittsburgh (Allison Park), PA “You Are the Light!” 7 – 9 PM EDT


Within us resides the Light of the Divine: a light that is pure love and compassion for all.  It isn’t just in some people, it’s in all of us.  But we each shine our Light differently, if we shine it at all, depending on the messages we’ve received, the environments we grew up in, the belief systems we hold, etc.

Mother Theresa is a beautiful example of someone whose Light shone so brightly it affected the world.  There are many others whose Light shines equally brightly, and many in ways that are less visible to the masses while being no less powerful and impactful.  There are others who are afraid to shine their Light, and even those who don’t realize they are the Light. You are the Light in your own life, affecting all who come into your energy field, whether you realize it or not. How bright is your Light shining?  What impact does it have on you, and those around you?

Join me for an opportunity to embrace your Light and enable it to shine more brightly.   Darkness can only exist where there is no light: let’s amp up our own Light and help eliminate the darkness in the world!  During this session, the healing energies of Reiki will empower a guided meditation to assist you in embracing your Light and shining it in an even bigger way.  The energy circle that follows will facilitate wisdom and direction from your guides and angels, while Spirit speaks to your soul in its own intimate language.  Vibrations from drums and rattles will help disperse the old energies to make room for the Light of Spirit to glow within you with an even greater intensity.

You can help eliminate the darkness.   You ARE the Light!

Here are the details:

Date:  Wednesday, October 25

Time:  7 – 9 PM EDT  ( end time approx.)

Location:  Kearns Spirituality Center
9000 Babcock Blvd.
Allison Park, PA 15101

Cost:  An offering from your heart

A monetary offering is expected for your participation in the circle.  Once the circle is complete, I will ask you to sit quietly, focus on your heart, and ask God/Spirit/Creator what you should offer for what you received.

Registration is suggested.  Once you register, you will receive additional information about the session and directions to find the center.  Check your registration receipt for files to download. (Files may not download to some cell phones.)  And registration is




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