“Healing Through the Ages”


We are not just the product of our own experiences, but the culmination of the experiences of all of our ancestors who preceded us. Who we are, and what we experience, we also pass along to those who come after us. Take a look at this interesting article I found in  Scientific American that proves that trauma in past generations does effect current generations… At least in mice!  Since this is a difficult thing to test in humans, they have to stick with mice, but the assumption is that it also holds true for humans!   Here’s the link, if you’d like to read the article for yourself. It’s not very long, and it’s pretty easy to understand: Fearful Memories Passed Down   If what you read intrigues you and stirs a feeling in your gut, or emotions come to the surface,  those may be signs from Spirit that this session is something that could be  helpful for you and your family.  Benefits on so many levels could be possible!

Join me for this powerful guided meditation where we will send healing heart energy back to the past.  When the past is healed, energies are freed and a ripple effect takes place, healing not only those in the past, but affecting our own journeys in the present as well.  And then we will send it forward, into the future, to help all those who come after us to live more fully and more completely, unfettered by the past that we lived as our present.    We’ll follow the meditation with a healing circle to manifest more fully the healing the meditation facilitated.  Keep a notebook or journal handy to record your thoughts and impressions.

In preparation for this session, you will need three brand new candles (all identical), something to light them with, and a safe, stable surface to place them on.   You will be using the candles during the meditation portion of the session and they will continue to burn throughout the meditation and the healing circle. 

To Purchase This Recording:  Please sit quietly, focus on your heart, and ask Spirit/God/The Universe what you should offer for what you will receive during the session.   Once you receive your answer, please fill in your offering amount below and continue through the purchase process.  Once your purchase is complete, you will receive the recording of the teleconference.  Your purchase confirmation will have the file to download.  Please look for it. (Files may not download on some cell phones.)

Recorded live on June 7, 2018


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