FREE Teleconference Download: “Don’t Put Reiki in a Box!” Session #2


Are you a Reiki practitioner who has questions about Reiki or your Reiki practice?  If so, you might enjoy this free recording of a teleconference I did on January 17, 2017.  I started the conversation off by talking about the difference between doing an intuitive Reiki session and doing a more traditional session using the hand positions we all learn in Reiki I.  We also talked about choosing a Reiki master and addressed the unique gifts we all have.  Check it out and see if there’s info here that can help expand your own relationship with Reiki.

What you learn may be your ticket to a deeper connection to Reiki and an expansion of your gifts!   Since it’s a free download, you have nothing to lose!

(Files may not download on some cell phones.)




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